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Epic About Me post, as per request



Ok, so first things first. My name is Elizabeth, and I was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in September 1983.


From Random

From Random

I moved to Long Island, New York when I was two years old with my parents, since my father is from there. I was raised there as a kid, although we moved around a lot and I spent two school years in school here in Iceland where I finally learned to read and write Icelandic. I also spent a few months in the Faroe Islands when I was a kid where I learned Faroese, listened to Michael Bolton and Heart, and made every effort to have big hair. (Hey, it was the 80´s)

From Random


Anyway, my childhood was basically moving around, being the new kid in school and never quite fitting in anywhere. By the time I was 12, the 90´s were in full swing and I listened to really bad boy bands and had way too thick eyebrows. I spent that year in Iceland, where I was to meet sheepgrl and msdillydally. In spite of me being the weird kid who had a pink room, and listened to Mariah Carey (lol) they befriended me, and that was the start of a long and beautiful friendship :P

I moved back to the States, New Jersey this time, and came back yet again when I was 14, this time to stay, and I still live in Iceland and have settled down here.

From Random

From Random

From Random




I am fortunate to have my close group of friends, my BFF msdillydally, sheepgrl, svoskars and helgamar, they are my closest friends to this day, so if you hear me refer to ‘my girls’ they are who I´m talking about.

From Random

From Random

From Summer 2007


A few years ago there was a ‘Slash Group’ formed, made up of a very cool group of girls who are into fandom, and slash. Initially we were all SPN fangirls, but everybody's off doing their own fandom thing these days so we mainly just talk about porn, and drink ;)
So between my girls,and the slash group combined with seeing my family and spending time with Steini, I have been neglecting my other RL friends Sigga and Helga, and we´ve mostly drifted apart and only meet up infrequently these days.



I currently work at a post office, with a girl named V. It´s alright for the most part, although I really hate my boss and I seem to be a magnet for weird and/or crazy customers, so I sometimes post stories of that nature. I used to work with a woman who came to be known here on my blog as Crazy Old Lady. She was most definitely crazy, but usually meant well and was unintentially hilarious. She has her very own tag, if you want to check that out.


I live in a small one bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Reykjavík with Steini and our cat Simba. Recently we have been renovating the place, replacing all the floors and the next project is renewing our postage stamp sized bathroom.

My daily routine is very boring. On weekdays I work ,come home, eat dinner, and watch tv/fangirl and spent too much time on LJ. Once a week I try to catch up with my girls and go to a coffeehouse for a chat, or something. On weekends I try to be a more social person, and either meet up with my friends for drinks or hang out, but I also try to squeeze in QT with the bf, and usually end up playing catch up on various tv shows.

Family Ties


From Random

From Random

My parents are still happily married, and own their own crafts store which is going pretty well. They are pretty awesome, and despite a few rough patches in my adolescence, we have a good relationship today. When I was 13, they had an unplanned baby rather late in life. Her name is Karen, and I love her to bits. She´s 14 now, and growing and maturing at an alarming rate. We´ve always been close, and I really look forward to seeing her grow up.

From Random

From Random


My extended family, I do not talk to. Both sets of grandparents never showed any interest in getting to know me (due to play favorites, and/or geography) and my parents siblings are really not people I care to have in my life. In 2007 I found out my mother´s sister had spread a lie that my father had repeatedly molested me when I was a kid, and everybody knew about it, and had been gossiping about it for 12 years, and never said anything or tried to help. So that was the last straw, and as far as I´m concerned, the only family I have are my parents, and I´m fine with that. Steini has a ridiculously large family, so when I talk about being dragged to a family thing, I´m talking about them.

From Christmas and New Years



So, my first forey into fandom was when at the height of my Metallica obsession, I discovered www.metallichicks.com and joined their forum. There I would write my first really bad fanfiction, meet a group of crazy cool woman who I´m still in touch with online, and really realize what a mary sue, and slash was.

In 2005 I had left that place, and was fandomless for a while until my BFF msdillydally introduced me to Buffy. Oh my, oh my.

Despite my initial misgivings, and the fact that I was starting this show a few years after Angel ended, I completely fell in love with it, and this would go on to get me watching more tv in general, and get more into sci-fi.

Then when I was almost done with BtvS/Angel, msdillydally introduced me to House, MD. Again I was almost sure that I wouldn’t like it, not being a fan of medical procedure shows, but I was hooked only half way through the first season.

My initial ship would be House/Cameron, and I will always have a very soft spot for them in my heart, although it´s becoming apparent that the show is done with that pairing. I participated in that fandom quite a bit, first reading fics, and then writing as well, which was an amazing experience, I met awesome people through that. Now that I have gotten more into slash however, I can more appreciate the House/Wilson.

The amount of tv I started to watch once I started is getting pretty insane. There´s the ‘girly shows’ like Desperate Housewives, Grey´s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Sex and the City.

My favorite sitcoms are Community, How I met your Mother, 30 Rock, Friends and The Big Bang Theory

All around favorite shows are Stargate: Atlantis, House MD, Dexter, Supernatural, The Mentalist, True Blood, Fringe and Hawaii 5-0

There are more shows that I watch casually, but then this list would just get ridiculously long, heh. All time favorite show will always be Six Feet Under, the most amazing thing ever to happen to tv, imo.

The two slash pairings I really got into at first are J2 (although I´ve pretty much backed out of the SPN fandom, it remains my favorite show, and they are my favorite boys ♥ and McKay/Sheppard, who are totally awesome.

Today, I am all about the Star Trek. Kirk/Spock are my OTP forever and ever. I´m also heavily invested in The Avengers, namely Steve/Tony.

Random facts about moi::


From Slash Party!

• I am a huge animal person. So much so that I love dogs and cats equally, I would love to own a big bird like a Congo African Grey, and have a weird thing for aquariums, I just love them. Animal Planet is pretty much porn for me, as well as documentaries like ‘March of the Penguins’ and ‘Planet Earth’.

• I am a very introverted person. I´m happiest by myself, hanging out online, reading, and watching tv. Despite that when I do drag myself out of the house I always have a great time once I´m there, and I think I am regarded as a pretty open, bubbly and happy person.

• I have a really weird sense of humor, I giggle a lot, and randomly quote everything from Friends and HIMYM, to Borat and Little Britain, to various stand up (I looove stand up comedy. My main loves are Eddie Izzard and Pablo Fransisco, also the Blue Collar Comedy tour was awesome)

• I am somewhat of a film buff. Although I´m generally not a fan of European arty films that are supposed to be all deep and meaningful (Maybe i´m not smart enough to really get them?) I do like a wide collection of films, from indie movies (Ghost World, Juno, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and all Kevin Smith movies) to ridiculous comedy´s like Bad Boys, Rush Hour, Borat, early Adam Sandler movies) to romantic comedies (Bridget Jones, Notting Hill, ect). My favorite genre is probably drama though.

• I´m a photography nerd. I learned how to develop photos the old school way, and it fascinated me. I long for a decent APS camera, with lenses and all that geeky stuff. These days, I only have a mediocre canon digital camera, and take mostly pictures of my cat. :P

• I´m also a video game geek. I love love love The Sims, Civilization, Tomb Raider, Diablo III, ect. Today my internet and tv addiction has kept me from playing much, but I still play occasionally. :)

• I am a Virgo, and that describes me pretty well. I tend to over think things, plan things in too much detail and am very detail oriented. I can be overly critical, and I love to organize. I like to think I don’t have too many of the negative traits of the Virgo, but I guess you should ask my friends about that, and not me, heh.

• I am a liberal, a democrat, agnostic, and 100% pro choice and pro love. I´m striving every day to over come my prejudice towards people who are extremely religious, conservative and homophobic, I want to be able to say that I can respect/like people of all religions and backgrounds even if they differ from my personal beliefs.

• My musical tastes are all over the place, from Rap to Opera, from heavy metal to bubblegum pop. I would say I listen to mostly rock, and most all genres, my favorites being classic rock, and hard rock. My all time favorite band is Metallica. They changed my life, and I don’t think I will ever not love them. Although I´m very much a rocker girl, I can listen to indie female singer/songwriters (Florence and the Machine! Rilo Kiley!) to pop princesses. (GaGa! Britney!)

• Am a huge bookworm, although I read primarily fiction. I have pretty eclectic tastes in books, from the classics like Jane Eyre, Gone with the Wind, the Brönte sisters, to british chick lit, and various paranormal romances. Also have much love for YA novels like Harry Potter (duh) and Philip Pullman´s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy.

Holy crap, did anybody read all that? :p



Dec. 4th, 2011 01:57 am (UTC)
Hahaha, totally random internet stalking, always appropriate! :D

DUDE. I haven't been on Metallichicks in years and years, basically since they moved to that new board and the mod chick went all loco. In 2006, I think?

I still have that shirt too!! I does fit, but it is not flattering anymore :P The lettering is getting a little faded, and the fabric in the armpits is a little worn, I wore the shit out of that shirt, and I still kind of love it.

edit: LOL, you doofus, you read this back in 2009, and even commented on it! Hahahaha :D
A lady at work sent a christmas card to what I´m pretty sure is Lars' Dad a couple days ago, and I thought to myself 'aww, I kind of wish I could post this on metallichicks' :p

Edited at 2011-12-04 02:07 am (UTC)

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