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Epic About Me post, as per request

It´s all about me me meCollapse )

Holy crap, did anybody read all that? :p


So yesterday was a lot of fun. I went with a group of 70 work people to see geysers, waterfalls, lava caves and trek up a glacier. Fun times!

There are a row of these little geysers that are apparently the most water producing geysers in Europe.

From Víðgelmir - Langjökull

More nature type stuff this way...Collapse )

I had a lot of fun, even though my thighs are so sore I can barely move after my adventures in freaking rock climbing, at least I can say I did it. The glacier was amazing, just white as far as the eye can see. I´m really glad it's snowed over all the ash from the volcanic eruptions, the entire glacier was almost black until last year.


Just did a pretty big friends cut.

Mostly journals who were never updated, or we never talk to each other. I got quite click-happy, so if you think I made a mistake feel free to slap me upside the head.

Otherwise, thank you for letting me get to know you a little, and have a nice life :)
Wheeee, Friday!!

Since I have nothing to talk about, really, have some Volcano pictures! :) )Sorry Icelandic peeps, I know these have been posted everywhere :P)

The first eruption, which was very pretty and didn't cause much damage:


Then that one ended, and the new one began, with massive Ash storms and stuff. Sorry, Europe! :P


The flooding from that has caused major damage, here's one small pic of that


This is really creepy, a radar pic, from above the Volcano.



Oct. 26th, 2009

Title: Someone to watch over me.
Author: strawberrytatoo
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: R for language and boykissing.
Word Count: ~2000
Disclaimer: If you think I own this then you are officially too dumb to be on the internet. Seriously.
Summary: Jim gets hurt on an away mission, McCoy angsts, just a normal day on the Enterprise...

Goddamnit kid, did you get an extra dose of idiot with breakfast this morning?Collapse )
Thank you all so much for your condolences on my last post, it was much, much appreciated. I don't think I can respond individually without crying some more, consider yourself cyber hugged ;)

Been a pretty a lazy weekend over all, the weather is shitty and we weren't exactly in the mood to do much. Last night I saw my girls for some wine and chatting and it was lovely :) Came home early, so I checked my email and stuff before bed. As I was closing the laptop, the charger blew out or something, it´s completely dead. If it´s not under warranty, I will be PISSED. Being confined to the big computer is a pretty big pain in the ass. I´m too used to sitting in my big lazy boy with the cat... this real chair business is not cool :P

Since I´ve been using the big desktop today, I finally uploaded all the pictures from this past summer! :P All of them are up on facebook, but I´ll post some pictures now of Icelandic scenery.

The one where Beta drove around the country and took pictures...Collapse )

Wow, I hope that didn't break your internets. Cookies for those who actually got through all that!


Title: Chris has a Big Gay Crush.
Author: strawberrytatoo
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: R for language, and inappropriate jokes about dildos? Ahem.
Disclaimer. I don't own them, big shocker
A/N: So this is basically inspired by a interview Chris gave at that luncheon he was at the other day, where he basically gushed about working with Denzel Washington. Naturally, Zach must tease him about this.
Beta-ed by sigrundora and the fabulous karaokegal. This fic is 100 times better because of her.

Is it gay to be totally hot for Denzel Washington?Collapse )


Minor friends cut you guys.

Mainly just people I´ve met through friending memes and we´ve never clicked, or never update. I´m not going to go with the "you don't comment often enough" route, but there are a couple people who have never ever commented on my journal...and after a few months of being friends without commenting, forgive me if I feel like we don't have much in common.

I ♥ you all, and if in the (unlikely) event that you want to stay on, comment. Otherwise, I´d appreciate you unfriending me, too.

ETA: Cut complete. If any of you who I didn't cut, do want to unfriend me, feel free and we can part ways with no hard feelings. :)


Title: Just a phone call away.
Pairing: Rymon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: If I owned them, they would be out by now :P
Summary: Ryan calls Simon after he sees the article where Simon says he´s off woman.
Notes: Just a drabble I wasn't even going to post...but I figured some people might appreciate a little Rymon, even if it is short. :)

Rymon!Collapse )